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Gain insight into your playerbase through our feedback analytics platform.

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Stay on top of your playerbase

Soba's feedback analytics track what your players love or wish could be improved.

Analysis of Player Feedback

Our suite of AI algorithms generate lists of topics to automatically track, including metrics on how your players feel and think about each topic.

Topic Extraction

Soba analyzes player feedback data to identify and extract topics of conversation. This provides you with an easy way to identify what players are discussing.


Soba summarizes each topic to provide you with a quick overview of what players are saying about each topic in natural langugage.

Top Keywords and Sentiment for your Topics

Soba identifies the top keywords associated with your tracked topics and generates insights on how players feel about different topics and keywords.

Analytics Dashboard

The Soba dashboard gives you all the tools you need to track player feedback. Review the trending topics, how sentiment has changed over time, and associated keywords with each topic.

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